Bad end to 2014 it seems.

November and December have not been kind to me. It started near the end of Nov with a call that my mother had passed away. That led to an unexpected trip out east which wasn’t all that fun for other reasons. We came home in the evening to the furnace making a racket and the house was 26 downstairs. Not sure what it was upstairs.. Everything was fine, got space heaters to heat the house a bit and the mild weather helped a lot.

Dec 8th I was called up to the arboreal room with “What’s wrong with Munchie?”. She was listless and gaping her mouth, she had lost weight but it looked like an egg drop. The only thing not usual was her tail was thinner. Not exactly sure what was wrong but it wasn’t good. She was fine a few days before, came up for food but didn’t finish it (which happens the odd time). As per a friend’s help I put her in a steam bath and gave her a little drops of water. She got even more unresponsive as time went on. I just sat there telling her she was special and just being there. Midway thru this I hear “Kamikaze is dead” from the arboreal room. He had been gone for a bit. It’s not unusual for him to hide when being fed. He sleeps in his plants so we just leave him be unless we need him out. He looked like he had dehydrated but that could just be part of the after death phase.. I dunno.. After that I was suggested to mix up some powder calcium as I didn’t have liquid on hand. As I was putting a small amount in the front of her mouth she passed away in my hand.  She was 4 years old, perfectly healthy and one of the best geckos I own. She was my main event crestie as she rarely jumped when on someone’s hand or placed somewhere.

All the other arboreals are healthy and doing well. We may never know what happened. They were well cared for by a trusted friend while we were gone so dehydration is not really possible I would think. The heat in the house shouldn’t have been at the temp level that is dangerous to them. All I know she will be sorely missed especially.

I have been on the fence about doing the Pet Expo in January but I think I will. People will always need to learn and overcome fears so I shouldn’t let this stop me from doing what I love.

R.I.P. Munchkin ~Nov 2010 – Dec 8, 2014

R.I.P. Kamikaze – (bought Aug 2013) – Dec 8, 2014

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ERAS Open HouseWe’ll be here with some of the critters. Probably Nugget, Twitch (if he sheds), Sheldon, a younger corn and Munchkin. Possibly a leo. There will be lots of other critters there as well!


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So Far So Good!

Little bit of an update on things. Got the website up to date with new critters. Will add extra photos of the older crew sometimes soon. I’m going to be working on a new site that I registered to replace this one eventually.  Just to find the time and attention span!

The 2014 ERAS Spring Expo has just passed us. I was there for the whole weekend volunteering as I am the Membership Coordinator. Got to visit with some friends and picked up some supplies that we needed. I also picked up a little lavender corn (check her page out, more pics when acclimation ends!) and a teeny little kenyan sand boa! She WILL be going to events as soon as I possibly feel comfortable taking her to them. Might be just a look and touch critter for a while.

Upcoming events we will be seen at is the Paradise Pets Customer Appreciation Day on June 7th. We will also be at Jurassic Forest possibly on the 21st. On July 12 E.R.A.S. will be hosting an open house at Ritchie Community Hall where we hold our meetings. It will be an educational event featuring lots of critters, displays, a fundraising BBQ and other activities.

Be sure to stop by any events you can and say hi!

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2014 Update!

So far 2014 has been decent. We were at the Pet Expo. I took a few newbies out (Quinn – 2nd day and Wookie), Twitch went for his second outing and of course the regulars were there (Sheldon, Puzzle, Lexi, Ludo (1st day), Munchkin and Tyr (who hid most of the day but put up with being woken up! Everyone did excellent. Elijah went into blue overnight so couldn’t take him with.

Not sure what other events we will be at. Mostly everything in town that we can get to. Out of town not so much. Yasha is a diabetic so I have to bug friends and family to come in 2 times a day to feed the cats and give Yasha his shot. It’s not something I want to do ALL the time tho.

I’ve gotten some new critters added to the site. I may have had them a while but never added them.  You can check out their pages. Did some changing as per the species so to make things fit now that I have more than I did.

I do have a new website I will be using to learn how to do sites so look out for that!

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Fall 2013 Appearances and Updates!

So I’ve been busy and slacking on updating this site. In the process of buying a place which will give me 2 reptile rooms. One for hot and one for cold. Will be able to control climates much more easier for my crew! Hopefully we will be moving mid Sept, which unfortunately means we’ll probably be missing the Calgary show.

However we WILL be at the WCRE on August 24 & 25! I plan on bringing down Sheldon, Elijah, a couple more corns, couple leos and a couple cresties. Would LOVE to bring my Newts but that is just too much of a pain (you can see them at the upcoming WEM event – date TBA).

Everyone is doing really well, growing and those that had feeding issues are now eating! If I can get my research in this year I may be able to think about breeding next year with the Reverse Okeetees and Anery female. First and foremost is making sure they are well above minimum weight, healthy and I know what I’m doing!

Once we move I will let the crew settle in and unpack then I plan on having a friend visit and doing a huge photo shoot and updating the website with a bunch of pics. I know some have lots and others have next to none.

For the cat fans, Yasha will be visiting the vets on Monday. There’s suspicions that he may be diabetic. Hoping it’s not bad enough to be able to be diet controlled. I have a hard enough time giving myself shots let alone a cat! (I’m a type 1 diabetic).

Feel free to leave a comment or if you stop by a show say hi and let me know you follow the website! I may not be at the table alot this year as I will be helping out at a friend’s booth but the message will get to me or they can direct you to me.

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Calgary Reptile Expo!

I will be at the CRE (May 4 & 5th) representing ERAS with a few of my crew so if you are there stop by and say hi! Plans on who I am taking down can change but I am hoping to take Elijah & Puzzle, Sheldon, Isa & Sigel. Not sure who I will take for cresties. Phoenix is out unless she lays her latest batch of eggs REALLY soon. More than likely it will be Munchkin and someone else.

For those in Edmonton we will also be at the West Edmonton Mall showcase on May 11th so be sure to stop by there as well!

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Pet Expo Success!

Late update but better than never! Pet Expo was a great success! I learned who needs more socializing and who is awesome at it! Twitch and Kagura stressed out the most so I’ll be working with them as well as Ruckus and the Quad group corns (only the females from the Quad went).

Next event will be the May showcase at West Edmonton Mall on May 11th! I’ll have lots to see there!

Other than that no real new updates to be had. Still adding pics as I take them!

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